Faino is a chatbot that helps users cope with anxiety and stress, gather strength, and support loved ones
on Telegram
Your mental state critically affects your ability to ensure the safety of yourself and others, keep working, and make careful decisions.
Coping with stress is not an optional luxury. For millions of people, it’s urgent and vital.
74% report feeling their stress levels are reduced immediately after doing the exercises.
More than 57,000 people are using Faino.
When you feel stress, anxiety, strong negative emotions, and you want to deal with them "right here and right now"
You do exercises by following Faino’s short and clear instructions
Your tension decreases, you feel better, and you can go back to your work or relax completely
The algorithm was created by psychologists, but your communication with the bot takes place without any human intervention.
Communication with Faino is completely anonymous.
Exercises with Faino take 3−5 minutes.
Faino is available in five languages.
I do really like your program — nothing superfluos, very specific and simple exercises. I had a feeling as if I had a knowledgable person stading next to me. Staff like that is handy at the moment.
Hello. Thank you for the bot!!! And for caring! I am forwarding it to my loved ones❤️
I forwarded the link to a couple of my groups, asked for their feedback on how and what is working and if it is useful. Everyne who responded says that it’s all great — it works well, also regarding the helping effect too! The gratefullness to your team is growing).
The bot is cool, thank you! I had to perform the exercises twice to relax the tensions which I hadn’t even noticed before. The impression is really as if someone cared. Yes, not a close or authoritative person, but a machine, but so great!
Thank you. I’ve forwarded it to the group of volunteers in Köln, already in use.
It is exactly the help I always wanted for such situations. The bot will listen to you in any condition and it will understand you. Sometimes, one is ashamed to ask a living person for help. I’ve attached the chat bot at the top. I’ve shared it with people who also need it
It is such a miracle, like a "pocket" friend, you don’t even need to call your mom in stress and bother her. Here it is so simple, like walking "hand in hand", step by step, it will put you back in order. It helps me, and I used to miss something like this earlier a lot. Let me repeat myself, I keep it "at the top." Thank you for your work❤️
To my opinion, it is very useful, especially for lonely people, it is more difficult for them to deal with things. And it is delightful that more and more people start taking care of their mental health.
At the moment, I am in a state of absolute grief. Taking into consideration some events prior to 24.02., the feelings are so intense that the body is failing and the psyche can’t handle it anymore! One little step to recovering — daily exercises according to https://t.me/faino_psy_bot. Antistress bot.
I dont like posting in public. But today, I saw the bot of psychological support and I think it has to be shared.

Maybe, it can help you, your loved ones and friends now.
I’ve tried it out myself. I recommend loading it to telegram to keep it at hand.
It worked out well. I went through it twice. The level of stress 6−8 and 9−10. Great idea with the timer and the support (hints) during this minute. I thought that it is important
I saw your bot in reposts, tried it out, found its creators! Thank you! It is such an important thing today! I have already shared it in all my massengers
Hello to the team, the creators of the bot! Thank you for your help! I will definitely share the link with my friends who are facing hard times at the moment!
Yes, it’s a bot, yes, the exercises are simple, but it can help you if you are comepletely down sometimes. And you do hit the bottom. Created by professional psychologists and IT people.
Lena A.
Smile O., Rostov-na-Donu, Russia
Lina S.
Anna L., Afula, Israel
Kirill M., Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Eu L.
Elena A.
Zlata A.
Katerina K.
Irina K.
Oksana T., Haifa, Israel
Artem P.
Lena S.
Unknown user
Unfortunately, there are not enough specialists to treat everyone. It is also difficult to choose suitable methods on your own, or read detailed articles under stress.
That’s why we’ve created a chatbot that is able to select and offer techniques that are appropriate to a situation.
Faino’s suggested techniques and recommendations have been proven effective in practice. Psychologists use the same techniques today to help people in need.
Faino does not replace live communication with a mental health specialist, and it does not deal with causes of psychological problems.
The goal is to help "right here and right now" in situations when a specialist is not available, or in between sessions.
Telegram-bot for the ones who are worried and who feel out of place. For the ones who cannot go to a psychologist — it is a useful lifesaver.
The bot of crisis help in alarming and stressing conditions (works for grown-ups and teenagers).

A team of psychologists from different countries put together the most simple and effective methods. They wrapped them up as simple and approachable instructions, translated into Russian, Ukranian and Belorussian.
It’s a helper. You can consult the bot in case of trackable raising anxiety when you want to come to your senses, feel your body and get the ground back under your feet.

It will help you rate your level of stress and choose the techniques to support yourself.

It is a good tool for maximal reconciliation with oneself.
The bot is an excellent helper, your magic wound when dealing with anxiety condition. It is a method of self-support that is always at hand.

It helps to pay attention to your feelings, slow down, catch and reflect your emotions.

Awareness of feelings throws us back to the ego-state of being "grown-up." It helps to deal with the tension right here right now.

I recommend the bot to people in therapy, as well as outside it.
It follows the basic principles of psychological emergency help and the correct sequence of actions: first the work with the condition that intends to lower the intensity of emotional experience, and only after that, if the person is ready, adressing the resources.

The big advantage is the accompaniment at all levels and the possibility to choose frequently in what format and for how long to continue with the tasks depending on strength and emotional state.

Big amount of tasks and theory allow to use the bot multiple times.
The bot is a great way of self-help when it is necessary to reduce the tension quickly, and there is no possibility to see a specialist at the moment.

Additionally, the bot can be a great exercise for those who are not in a crisis state, but who would like to obtain methods of self-regulation.

It is important to remember that the bot cannot exchange adequate therapy. Therеfore, it is better to see a specialist for complex problem solutions.
Olga Podolskaja
Clinical psychologist
Vera Prochorchik
Malika Andrejeva-Ko-Sen-Din
Yana Prikhodkina
Transactional therapist
Alexander Esipovich
Anna Lim
Clinical psychologist
I am happy that bots appear which are dedicated to mental health. It is especially important and valuable that they exist at this time.

I offer the bot to my clients in acute period of times: it supports therapy additionally when the specialist is not nearby, but the help is needed right here right now.

It is great that the project is developing and the help inside the bot gains even more complexity and quality. I thank everyone who is involed in the work on the bot!
Semjenova Darja
Pychologist/Family systemic therapist
Stress is a natural body reaction, regardless of gender, age or willpower. We are all different, but on a biological level, we react to stress in a very similar way.

Faino provides crisis support to anyone who needs it: to people of all nationalities and beliefs.
Faino was originally created to help everyone affected by the war: from people in the war zone and refugees to volunteers, and those who are physically safe but experiencing stress that affects their ability to function normally.

Faino is also used in other situations now: the loss or illness of loved ones, domestic violence, addictions, discrimination, etc.
Psychologists, developers, designers, editors, translators, UX specialists and many others — the team consists of over 20 people now.
Among them are the founder of the psychological support department for pediatric patients and their parents and the co-founder of the project of psychological assistance to survivors of child sexual abuse.
Thanks to everyone who brings the information about Faino to people who need support now.